Personal Preparedness

Developing safety habits is the best way to reduce your risk and make sure you are prepared for any emergency.
Look! Assess your surroundings!

  • What hazards are readily apparent?
  • Identify potential hazards.
  • Recognize “out of the ordinary”

Have a plan – How will you respond?

  • “What if”______ happens?
  • What will you do? 
  • Where should you go?

Make a conscious effort to do these things every time you enter a new environment.  

Have an emergency preparedness kit!

  • Acquire necessary items to sustain yourself (food, water, medications, identification, money, telephone, etc.). 
  • Learn  more about emergency preparedness kits at and

Being prepared will enable you to have an effective response!

In an emergency situation, follow these steps:    

  • Step One:  Make yourself safe – or you can be of no further benefit to anyone else. 
  • Step Two:  Warn others of the situation
  • Step Three:  Call 911 assistance – Do Not Assume someone else will

For further information please contact the UNM Office of Emergency Management.