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UNM Campus Safety

Your safety and security are of prime concern at the University of New Mexico.

UNM is committed to offering services, information, resources and tools to offer a safe campus to all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. We also encourage individuals to contribute to campus safety and preparedness by becoming informed, staying alert and using good judgment.

Emergency preparedness on a University campus can present many challenges. A campus environment includes not only an extremely large geographical area, but a continuously changing population. Emergency planning must protect people as well as the institution’s operations such as research, athletic and entertainment events, food services, housing and transportation. Contribute to our campus safety and preparedness by becoming informed, staying alert and using good judgment. Take advantage of the features on this site to help protect you and ensure the safety of the UNM community.


The University of New Mexico has three types of messages (LoboAlert, LoboAdvisory, and LoboTest) that will go out campus-wide to alert students, staff and faculty of a safety issue. Learn more about these message types.


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Upcoming Tests

Siren Test at 11:02am on Sept. 3rd

The Campus Safety Council and Safe Campus Living Task Force

The Campus Safety Council, created by President Stokes, was a multidisciplinary team that analyzed campus safety needs and made comprehensive recommendations. The CSC united all the safety initiatives on campus, centralized discussions surrounding aspects of the broad topic of campus safety, and advised President Stokes and other university leadership on the strategic direction of UNM's efforts, particularly related to the built environment.

The CSC had sub-committees to address specific campus needs:

  • The Campus Security Task Force
  • Community Policing
  • Training and Prevention
  • Policy and Procedure
  • Safety Steering Committee
  • Communication and Awareness
  • Areas of High Student Concentration

The Campus Safety Council has been replaced with a new group to focus on safe living environments called the Safe Campus Living Task Force.

The 2023 ASFSR is now available. Visit the Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports page to view this and previous years' reports for Main Campus-Albuquerque, Health Sciences Rio Rancho, and UNM Branch Campuses.