LoboAlert Messages

The University of New Mexico has three types of messages that will go out campus-wide to alert students, staff and faculty of a safety issue.


A LoboAlert is an “Emergency Notification” * - triggered by any significant emergency or dangerous situation that is currently occurring on or near the campus involving an imminently threat to the health or safety of students, staff, faculty and/or visitors. It is issued immediately upon confirmation of the emergency and is disseminated through text, email, UNM Home page, UNM newsroom, (other). A campus siren is also available if the situation warrants.


A LoboAdvisory is a “Timely Warning”* - triggered by crimes that have already occurred but represent a serious ongoing threat to students, staff, faculty and/or visitors on the UNM Campus.  It is issued as soon as the pertinent information is available and is disseminated through text, email and UNM Newsroom.


A LoboTest is a “Test or Drill” - scheduled toward the beginning of each semester – Fall, Spring and Summer- to exercise the system to verify it is working correctly and efficiently.  It is issued through all channels available for the LoboAlerts, but is also announced publicly prior to the test through media and on campus messaging, to ensure cooperation with the exercise and encourage follow up of concerns or problems.