UNM Emergency Communication


LoboAlerts is the new, opt-out text messaging system that provides faculty, staff, registered students, affiliates of UNM, and UNMH employees with fast, convenient, real-time message alerts.  To learn more about this service and to verify your contact information visit:, http://loboalerts.unm.edu. Additionally, parents, community members and other non-UNM individuals who wish to receive LoboAlerts  can follow the LoboAlerts Twitter at http://twitter.com/loboalerts, or the LoboAlerts Facebook at http://tinyurl.com/loboalerts, or sign up for the UNMCommunity site at www.getrave.com/login/unmcommunity.


A LoboAdvisory is a “Timely Warning”* - triggered by crimes that have already occurred but represent an ongoing threat to students, staff, faculty and/or visitors on the UNM Campus. It is issued as soon as the pertinent information is available and is disseminated through text, email and UNM Newsroom.

UNM Emergency Alert Sirens

The University of New Mexico Emergency Alert Sirens are sounded in the event of an emergency that makes it dangerous to be outdoors, such as a severe lightning storm, an environmental hazard or a threat from an armed individual. During an alert, people who are not on campus and hear the siren should not come on campus. People who are on campus should seek shelter in the nearest building.

If you hear the siren and there has been no advance notification of a test, assume it to be a real alert and take these two actions:

  1. Step One:  Seek shelter in the nearest building
  2. Step Two:  Seek additional information from:
Listen the the Siren

The Warning Siren System is tested at the beginning each semester to help familiarize the campus community with the sounds.  Tests are broadly announced in advance through the UNM Webpage, email messages and local notices.