What is the Campus Safety Council (CSC)?

The Campus Safety Council, created by President Stokes, is a multidisciplinary team that will analyze campus safety needs and make comprehensive recommendations to President Stokes and other university leadership on the strategic direction of UNM's efforts.

The CSC has sub-committees to address specific campus needs:

  • The Campus Security Task Force: Physical security features of campus infrastructure, such as lighting, cameras, and building access.
  • Community Policing: A partnership with the campus community to promote and maintain crime prevention and safety awareness.
  • Training and Prevention: Safety related training and prevention programs for the campus community.
  • Policy and Procedure: Addressing safety issues through review of current needs and establishing new policy and procedures.
  • Safety Steering Committee: Committed to promoting safety awareness, motivation and education of UNM employees for a safe environment.
  • SMART: A collaboration with on and off campus resources to improve response, investigation, support of people effected by sexual misconduct, and the use of education, communication, and training for sexual assault prevention.
  • Communication and Awareness: The use of the Campus Safety Website, social media, and marketing strategies to share campus safety features, resources, events, and issues.
  • TAT/ CARE: The Threat Assessment Team and the Campus Assessment, Response, Education committees are made up of multidisciplinary groups that assess the mental health status of our students and works at preventing possible tragedies by offering support and services.
  • Areas of High Student Concentration: Focusing on one area at a time, this group looks at current safety issues in specific areas on campus.